Ferrante or for the love of Baroque

Ferrante Ferranti was born in 1960 in Algeria to a Sardinian mother and Sicilian father.

By 1978, he was already trying his hand at photography and had visited Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.

He got a degree in architecture in Paris in 1985 with a concentration on “Baroque theatre and stage design.” His work appears in a number of Dominique Fernandez’s travel books many of which are on Italy.

While Ferranti’s home address may be in Paris, most of his time is spent on the road. This freelance photographer has exhibited widely in Europe, South America, India, and Indonesia. Be sure to check out his portraits of writers on the Agence Opale website.

Ferrante Ferranti

See all pictures of ferrante-ferranti taken by Naples

NAPLES – Le Vésuve vu de Sorrente
NAPLES – Vue de la baie
NAPLES – Rue de la Vieille Ville pendant la coupe du Monde
NAPLES – Façade du Gesù Nuovo
NAPLES – L’Equipe des rues
NAPLES – Escalier du palais Serra di Cassano
NAPLES – Escalier d’un palais de la via Toledo
NAPLES – Escalier du palais Carafa della Spina
NAPLES – Escalier du palais Serra di Cassano
NAPLES – Cloître de San Gregorio Armeno
NAPLES – Escalier d’accès au couvent San Gregorio Armeno
NAPLES – Ruelle de la vieille ville
NAPLES – Théâtre San Carlo
NAPLES – Bronzes antiques du Musée Archéologique
NAPLES – Allégorie de La Pudeur dans la Chapelle Sansevero
NAPLES – Le Christ voilé dans la Chapelle Sansevero
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