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Each property at Loc’appart has been hand-picked to ensure that you feel at home, whether in the heart of Paris, Venice, or Sicily.

An exclusive offer

Our properties are exclusive to us, in other words, you won't find them offered by any other agency. We owe most of our properties to word of mouth between owners and have since 1997.

The apartment in which you will stay is unique, a cut above those standard rental properties that lack character.

Location, location, location

An apartment's location is just as important as the apartment itself. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, our only concern is that you enjoy your stay. Also—except for our houses and apartments in Tuscany, Umbria, and on the Amalfi Coast—all our apartments are situated in the heart of one of Italy's art capitals or Paris, putting the top tourist attractions mere minutes away, and taking the hassle out of your trip.

Comfort, charm, and authenticity

In addition to satisfying the main criteria—such as the required amenities and general state of the property—all of our apartments can be categorized in at least one of the following ways: as comfortable, charming and/or authentic.

Comfortable: apartments/houses that are so comfortable they feel like home

Charming: apartments/houses that have character, a unique ambience

Authentic: apartments/houses that are typical for the city or region, due either to their geographic location or to their style.

Apartment Rental Rome - PANIERI 2
Apartment Rental Amalfi Coast - PARADISO PICCOLA
Apartment Rental Rome - LAURINA (F2)