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Palermo, Crossroads of Civilizations

Like Naples, Palermo will take you by surprise! As you dive into this other world, you’ll soon realize that it cannot be explored and fully appreciated in a day. You’ll just have to come back or better yet, stay for several weeks and get lost in its universe.

This architectural pearl offers an array of treasures from the Martorana and its magnificent Byzantine mosaics, the Palatine Chapel, and the Arabo-Byzantine Chiesa di San Cataldo to the Monreale Cathedral—not to mention the people. While somewhat reserved at first, Palermitans are quick to show their hospitable side. This hospitality can be found at the many street markets—like Ballarò, Lo Capo, and La Vucciria—where vendors' raucous voices echo through the streets and where the city’s Arab past and fertile soil continue to thrive.

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Apartment Rental Palermo - CATARO BILOCALE

Apartment Rental Palermo - CATARO BILOCALE

  • Floor area : 35 m2
  • Rooms : 2
  • Daily rates starting at : 97.00$
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Apartment Rental Palermo - AGOSTINO
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