Rental Terms and Conditions

I – Legal scope of the agreement
This rental constitutes a furnished seasonal rental. The premises may not be used as a primary or secondary residence.
The lessee may not conduct any commercial, artisanal or professional activities on the premises. The agreement is
governed by the provisions of the Civil Code as well as the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
II - Term
The lease will be rightfully terminated upon expiration of the term defined on the front page of this agreement, with no
written notice required. The rental period may not be extended without the prior written authorization of the lessor, or
the representative of the latter
.III – Main obligations of the parties
1. Occupy the premises in good faith, and refrain from disturbing the peace of the neighbors or other occupants of the
building either directly or as a result of the actions of his family or other relations
2. Personally occupy the premises himself, and may not, in any case whatsoever, sublet, or transfer the rights of this
rental, even if no financial compensation is involved.
3. Refrain from altering or changing the furniture and premises.
4. Refrain from keeping domestic animals (dogs, cats...) on the premises unless otherwise specified in the description of
the current state of the premises. In this case, the agent reserves the right to increase the amount of the security deposit
to cover the additional risks.
5. Allow any work to be done on the rented premises during the rental period that can not be delayed until a later date.
6. Maintain the premises and leave them in a good, clean state, with all repairs made, at the end of the stay.
7. Immediately inform the lessor of any accident or degradation that may occur on the rented premises even if there is
apparent damage.
8. Assume responsibility for any degradations or losses that occur of his own doing, or of that of any other individuals
staying with him, during his stay unless he can prove that the degradation or loss in question is not his fault or that of
the aforementioned individuals.
9. Comply with the maximum capacity of the premises as specified on the front page of this agreement. Any change in
the number of occupants, within the limits of the maximum capacity indicated in the description of the current state of
the premises, must be brought to the lessor’s attention within 72 hours of the arrival of any new occupants on the
premises. Where applicable, the lessor may demand additional rent, or refuse access to the above individual(s) to the
1. Deliver the premises in good state, with all repairs made, and with all equipment mentioned in the agreement in
working condition.
2. Guarantee the lessee peaceful enjoyment of the premises, and any faults and defects that may hinder such enjoyment.
3. Refrain from carrying out works on the premises during the rental period except in the case of an emergency. The
will receive compensation for any prejudice caused by works of which he was not informed of at the time this
agreement was
concluded. The lessor, or the latter’s representative, may not be held liable for works that do not directly concern the
apartment (road works and other works affecting neighboring buildings or the building in which the premises are
IV – Practical information
ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Arrivals can be scheduled as of 2:00pm, depending on the correspondent’s
availability (an email sent 8 to 10 before departure will specify the arrival time and how to access the premises). After
9:00pm, as well as Sundays and local public holidays, the keys will be remitted beforehand and the meeting with the
correspondent will be
scheduled for the following day. Departures must be completed before 12:00pm, depending in the correspondent’s
availability, and are scheduled by the latter upon arrival. Departures before 9:00am will be unaccompanied.
DESCRIPTION OF THE STATE OF THE PREMISES: The description of the state of the premises and the inventory
will be established with the presence of both parties at the time of arrival and departure, to the exclusion of
unaccompanied arrivals, and departures (as mentioned above). In this case, the lessee has 48 hours to refute the
description of the state of the premises upon arrival, and the agent benefits from the same timeframe upon departure.
V- Deposit, cancellation fees, security deposit
DEPOSIT: A deposit of $200 must be made at the time of the booking. The final payment must be made at least 45
days prior
to the date on which the lessee is to take possession of the rented premises.
CANCELLATION FEES: More than 45 days before the date on which the lessee is to take possession of the rented
premises: deposit non-refundable
22 to 45 days before the date on which the lessee is to take possession of the rented premises: 50% of the total amount
Less than 22 days before the date on which the lessee is to take possession of the rented premises: 100% nonrefundable
We strongly advise you to take out a cancellation insurance policy. Ask your consultant for more information.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: a security deposit by credit card representing 20% of the total value of the rental, is request by
a signed authorisation via our contract.. This amount is a garantee only and not taken on the credit card.

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